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Construction BIM

Your jobsite is NOT a game, but it's starting to look like one!

Explore the evolution of generations of construction technology with special guests from Balfour, Autodesk and Boston Dynamics.

Thu, Jul 9, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

There's a new norm in the advances of construction that's only accelerating… do you know how to play the game?

The success of how jobsites and projects are run is entirely dependent on the construction technology and systems we have at hand, and the evolution of that technology is growing even more rapidly today than ever before.

From real-time data integrations across software to the use of robotics on-site literally using a gaming tablet or controller, the world of construction has a new norm in operations that can be deployed at scale and across the building and project lifecycle.

Join us for our latest panel webinar where experts working in the field and behind the technology of today come together to really dive into the democratization of this technology and how it's applied in real projects.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Find how construction can be game-like by using the latest technology to augment your projects.
  • Learn how business and financial success is not found in the next shiny object, but in solutions that solve a problem and bring value to your projects.
  • Dive into how robots are no longer an exotic technology reserved for the lab, as we demonstrate how the SPOT robot is a useful tool that can be easily controlled by workers on the jobsite with a gaming tablet or controller.
  • Explore how accelerating use of cross-system integrations with Autodesk Construction CloudTM can support a vast number of project workflows, helping to improve safety, decrease risk and increase profitability.

This webinar has ended. CLICK HERE to watch the recording.